Whether you are a musician or a music fan, you have probably noticed the lack of support and professionalism in the music scene in Egypt; especially the underground scene.  Underground musicians and artists faced many barriers which affected their progression and development of music.  Such barriers like support from music industries to new taste and genres of music, availability of professional venues for live performances, unprofessional introduction and advertising  which accounts for minimal awareness about such talents and music genres.

In the past few years, Egypt witnessed an evolution in music where many potential local talents crafted spectacular music and songs. Many bands have emerged fusing different genres and styles of music and instead of covering artists’ music, they created their great originals songs and music which made them no different than any other professional bands and artist.

UMF “Underground Music Federation” as an idea was inspired by a prolonged music experience where Muhammad El-Ayat; founder and director of UMF as musician faced the same problems and barriers. “I was waiting and hoping for the day where a change could occur that might shift and take this underground music scene to a professional level but I found no signs or hope. So I thought why shouldn’t I do something about it? Why can’t I exploit all my music passion in something that would actually make a difference?”


First, it all started with an idea to introduce and showcase Egypt’s best underground music talents in a professional way; an online hub and platform that hosts the best underground musicians in one place that could be easily accessed by their fans.

UMF-LIVE.COM was launched on June 15th 2011 where it offers a professional online portfolio for the hosted bands and artists including their biography, pictures, videos, social gadgets, news and events and online distribution for their albums and music.  By now, many professional underground bands and artists have joined UMF; Cairokee, Salalem, Uss W Laz2, Hany Mustafa, Shady Ahmed, Massar Egabri and many more on the list!

Recently, UMF had partnered with Virgin Megastores to expand the business and offer better atmosphere for underground bands and musicians to progress and distribute their material.

UMF-LIVE.COM is just the start and it’s only the beginning of a huge potential change in the underground music scene which is a part of UMF Records business and range of services that are to be revealed soon….


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