A Surprise in the Parking Lot near Harvard University

A couple of us from Discord were strolling through the Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it was way too cold to stay outside so we decided to head back to the car. We were surprised to find this gem parked not far away in the parking lot. I was so amazed that I left my business card on her windshield and asked her permission to share images of her car.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Perlo

Rebecca with her car

Rebecca had the following to say about her car:

“I’ve wanted to glue toys to my car since I was a kid.  I could never understand why more people don’t decorate their rides, you know?  They’re so sterile, coming out of the factory all the same. It would be like everyone wearing the same uniform all the time.  I love color, and I love having fun things to look at… At this point I have 2 kids. They’ve grown up with the car. I got it in ’99 when my first one (Zach) was just a year & 1/2. And I’ve had it since before my second one (Noah) was born in 2000. So it’s kind of my middle child 🙂 And over the years (they’re now 14 and 11) they’ve handed me toys to glue to it, so it’s a family effort.  (my fun hubby is all in too).”

Fully loaded. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Perlo


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