From the Editor

The Road Ahead

The road ahead is not one of self-discovery but of self-deconstruction.

“The road is out there… but it is only when you see the edge, and choose to go beyond it, towards the unknown, shifting gears towards full throttle… that the strange music begins. The edge, there is no honest way to explain it, the only ones who know where it is, are those who went over.”1

It is only on this so-called road where our future, our identity, our intent and any pursuing actions, that predominantly define and give purpose to our existence, are brought in for questioning. We may go as far as to say that it is more of an interrogation of the Self from a philosophical and logical standpoint. It may seem at first as an existentialist approach whereby we attempt to define ourselves (our existence) though our development. This is partly true, however, it is incomplete. In my opinion, it misleads the general public to hastily define/label us, which in turn leads many to react to our magazine according to the ideas and feelings evoked by the culturally implanted attachments that society designated to those very labels. So you may ask, who are we then?

“The ride is a lonely one… especially when one is out to face themselves. It is a rite of passage of some sort…”2

Who Are We?

Only by crossing over the edge with full fervor can we shed light on the unknown. And only then can we realize that those very questions we posed, before crossing the edge, hold no answers that are of value. What we do encounter is a process of identity deconstruction that occurs through critical analysis *. What it reveals is beyond questioning, as it exposes the hidden internal assumptions and contradictions of traditional reasoning, one that privileges certain types of interpretation and represses others. What happens here, just as the unknown suddenly becomes unmistakably known, is our need to further shed what qualities we constantly attach to the meaning of expression and its various forms; we can only do so by dismantling the certainty found in the ‘here and now’ (which without a doubt shall draw us closer to understanding and accepting what complete creative expression really is.) It is a constant battle we must face, as a magazine as well as individuals.

“Be sure of this, the Self at war with itself, has but one victor… and it will leave a mark ever so deep… 6 feet under, to be precise.”3

Be sure of this, Discord Magazine shall and without a doubt become an uninterrupted calculating monstrosity: A literary rebel that weaves a presence, dangerously defining and unrivalled… one that favors to spit at the face of death rather than be an ally. For we are determined to reach full throttle: Only then will the engine’s roar stop the beating heart of Fear and shatter the mask of Conformity, and only then will our voice be truly heard… truthful, fearless, loud and discordant.

Walid Abouzeid

Editor in Chief

Footnotes: Selected texts (1, 2 and 3) taken from Hunter S. Thompson’sHell’s Angels


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