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How Sweet

First time I see a declaration of love between two guys in public in Lebanon. Be good to each other, Imad and Bob 🙂


Jad Abumrad and the Project That Named Him a McArthur Genius Fellow

photo by Nasser Qadri

– by Noha El-Khatib

I am by no means a nerd, but Radiolab made me wish I were more of one. And by nerd, I mean someone who has so much to offer because of his or her passion and dedication towards life, that they make you wish that you had paid more attention in school. This is why nerds are gaining popularity now, it’s because they are the ones who actually DO anything worth revering. I was one of those people that always loved learning, but hated studying. I could flip through the encyclopedias in the library and read about anything on my own for hours, but I couldn’t pay attention when teachers lectured about the Ottoman Empire, about the theory of relativity or about the Ming dynasty. My intellectual curiosity needed more to be fulfilled, and unfortunately I was a disappointment to so many of my teachers for this reason. Continue reading