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Breath In Jordan’s Akher Zapheer

Those of you who have visited or lived in Jordan, specifically Amman, know that it is generally a vast desert with random clusters of traffic. It looks very uniform, but is not homogenous at all in its demographics. One thing that does stand out, is that the single largest group of people is the youth. What this means in numbers is that 40% of the entire country’s population is YOUNG, between the ages of 12-30. 30 in Jordan is not quite considered independent adulthood yet, for most 20-somethings are transitioning through the process. And for some reason, in the last two decades, a LOT of these youth LOVE ROCK AND ROLL. Continue reading


Lana Del Rey is a Fraud. Why Is That a Problem?

-By William Mullally-

Photo by Nicole Nodland

Do yourself a favor when you have a few minutes: go to YouTube. Find Lana Del Rey’s video for Video Games. By the time you get there, it should have around 24 million views. Once you press play, you’ll spend the next five minutes or so hypnotized. The song might leave your head after that, but the images won’t, especially the images of the young woman herself.

The Hair. The lips. The coy, distracted glances at the camera. The meticulous effortlessness. She’s an enigma transported in time. She makes you feel like the starlets must have made your grandfather feel years ago.

But here’s the thing: Lana Del Rey is a fraud. Though, of course we already knew that. Continue reading